GPS Fundraiser

The campaign will run from now through September 5th. For each book sold, band members accounts are credited $10.00. For Every 5 sold, you get a free book, which you can sell, keep or gift. Books are $30.00 each and pay for themselves with three trips to the grocery store…every thing else is a bonus […]

Please Link VIC Cards to Support the Band Program

It is time to link your VIC cards and we would like to remind you that you can support the band program every time you shop at Harris Teeter. You can go online here or link it right at the cash register. Our VIC number is 6377.

Band Shoes & Gloves Orders…NOW

We will order Marching band shoes and the gloves this week. New shoes will be $45 and used shoes will be $20, provided we have the right size. If your child has outgrown their shoes from last year, and they are in good condition to be used again this year, you can exchange them for […]

First Home Football Game – August 22

The Marching Mavericks need to be at the school at 4:30 for the first home game, We will play stand tunes and rally for our team…even though we think they are on our field.


We thank our sponsors for their monetary support.
• Maersk Lines          • The Property People
• Kohl's                      • Quimbly & Collins
• Home Depot                     

We thank these sponsors for helping feed the band.
• Wich Wich               • Hungry Howies
• Publix                      • Harris Teeter
• Chili’s